By Robert L. Dickie

Five Reasons Why I Believe

front cover - Five Reasons why I Believe

In this book, I will use evidences to demonstrate three propositions:


• Why I believe the Bible is the Word of God
• Why Jesus is the Son of God
• Why God does exist

I am not putting God on trial. I believe in all three of these propositions simply because the Bible says so. I do not need to make an appeal to any other authority other than the Bible itself to prove that these three propositions are true. The arguments I am setting forth here are simply to show that there is overwhelming evidence to prove that what the Bible says is true. Because the Bible is the Word of God, we do not need any evidence to justify it. But it is because it is indeed the Word of God that we would expect to find that there is nothing but evidence that will corroborate the claims of Scripture. 

The Word of God reveals to us the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apart from the knowledge of Christ, life would be empty and meaningless. It is my prayer that you will put your faith in the Written Word of God and in the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Bible, through its stories and within its narratives, you will discover that there is life only in the Lord Jesus Christ.