The Emergent Church and The Tangible Kingdom

By Robert L. Dickie

Every few years a new movement comes on the evangelical scene that promises to be the answer and cure-all for the woes and problems of the church. These fads come and go. They are always touted as the “next best thing” to aid the church to evangelize and to reach the lost. These fads burst onto the scene and eventually fizzle out, but the damage they do to the church is enormous. The Emergent Church is a descent into heresy. It is the marriage of post-modern liberalism with religious reactionary skepticism. Post-modernism says there may be truth, but we cannot really know what it is. You have your truth, and I have my truth. Everything is relative. The Emergent Church has been seduced by this philosophy and has departed from the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Within the Emergent Church and utilizing many of the principles and teachings of this new heresy is a book entitled The Tangible Kingdom which embraces the errors of the Postmodern worldview.