By Robert L. Dickie

Table Tennis A Handbook For Beginners

front cover - Table Tennis A Handbook fo

This book is designed for beginners and those who are moving on to more serious play. I have included everything in this book that a beginner needs to know. This is not a book for intermediate and advanced players.


Unlike recreational ping-pong, table tennis is a dynamic sport that involves the highest amount of training and practice. The speed at which this is played, the strategy that is employed, and the various factors involved makes this one of the most exciting sports imaginable.  Unfortunately, table tennis is not a big sport in the United States.  Millions of people play ping-pong recreationally but it does not get a lot of recognition in our high schools and universities. There are many clubs around the country and many universities have table tennis teams. But unlike China and many other countries this sport does not get a lot of publicity in the United States. This is a shame. The Europeans and the Chinese are far and away superior to most American table tennis players. Perhaps this little book for beginners will lead some young man or lady to find the joy and the thrill of this sport. Who knows-maybe someone reading this book will become a world class player that may one day compete with the great players from around the world.